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Green Chemistry and the Ten Commandments of Sustainability
, 2nd ed., Stanley E. Manahan, ChemChar, 2006.



PowerPoint presentations are now available for a complete course in Green Science and Technology designed by Professor Stanley E. Manahan
  • The course is based upon the book, Environmental Science and Technology: A Sustainable Approach to Green Science and Technology, Stanley E. Manahan, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, London
    and Boca Raton, FL, 2007.
  • A sample slide presentation for Unit 2 of the course, "The Five Environmental Spheres," can be downloaded in a PDF format from this website.
The course is organized around the concept of five spheres of the environment: 

1. The hydrosphere

2. The atmosphere

3. The geosphere

4. The biosphere

5. The anthrosphere
The anthrosphere is that part of Earth made by, modified by, or operated by humans.  The way that it is managed has an immense impact upon Earth's environment and sustainability.  The course recognizes the anthrosphere as a distinct part of Earth's environment and suggests how humans may operate it to the benefit of the environment and sustainability.

PowerPoint presentations with about 30 slides per presentation are available free of charge for each of the units of the course upon request to Stanley E. Manahan:

The units covered are the following:

Introduction and Background

1. Sustainability through Green Science and Technology

2. The Five Environmental Spheres

3. Green Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry

The Hydrosphere

4. Water:  A Unique Substance Essential for Life

5. Aquatic Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry

6. Keeping Water Green

The Atmosphere

7. The Atmosphere:  A Protective Blanket Around Us

8. Environmental Chemistry of the Atmosphere

9. Sustaining an Atmosphere for Life on Earth

The Geosphere

10. The Geosphere

11. Soil, Agriculture, and Food Production

12. Geospheric Hazards and Sustaining a Green Geosphere

The Biosphere

13. The Biosphere:  Ecosystems and Biological Communities

14. Toxic Effects on Organisms and Toxicological Chemistry

15. Bioproductivity for a Greener Future

The Anthrosphere

16. The Anthrosphere as Part of the Global Environment

17. Industrial Ecology for Sustainable Resource Utilization

18. Adequate, Sustainable Energy:  The Key to Sustainability

January 12, 2007